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The Story...


Created over a  plate of sushi and sake, with a passion for music and sneakers birthed the idea to fuse the two entities, thus Sneakers and Speakers was created. An event not only to see but to participate.

Sneakers and Speakers was formed to create a strong platform for the growing sneaker culture of Nashville, Tennessee. With the fusion of music added to the fashionable forte of sneaker collecting;  DJs, music ciphers and performances were mixed with original artwork, dance and like minded individuals with similar goals and interests.

Becoming a staple in the global sneaker community as an event that recognizes the aspirations of all “sneaker heads” and forming a community where it can be displayed is key. Sneakers and Speakers take the virtual realm of sneaker forums and social networks to craft an actual event that one can participate in. 

From buying, selling, trading and networking the Sneakers and Speakers event is a hands-on experience.  Making sure audience members are always entertained, performances from various artists are going simultaneously along with trades and sneaker competitions.


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